petroglyph and rock art paintings

The media used are:
Acrylic and Oil. Rendered on paper and canvas.

Newgrange - Ireland

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Newgrange painting 1 Newgrange painting 2 Newgrange painting 3 Newgrange painting 4 Newgrange painting 5
Newgrange 1 Newgrange 2 Newgrange 3 Newgrange 4 Newgrange 5


Newgrange 2

Knowth - Ireland

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Kowth painting 1 Kowth painting 2 Kowth painting 3 Kowth painting 4 Kowth painting 5
Kowth 1 Kowth 2 Kowth 3 Kowth 4 Kowth 5




Chaco Canyon - New Mexico

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Chaco Canyon 1 Chaco Canyon 2 Chaco Canyon 3 Chaco Canyon 4 Chaco Canyon 5
Chaco 1 Chaco 2 Chaco 3 Chaco 4 Chaco 5




El Morro - New Mexico

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El Morro 6 El Morro 7 El Morro 8 El Morro 9 El Morro 9  El Morro 9 
El Morro 1 El Morro 2 El Morro 3 El Morro 4 El Morro 5 El Morro 6




Shamans & Supernaturals - New Mexico

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Shaman painting 1 Shaman painting 2 Shaman painting 3 Shaman painting 4 Shaman painting 5
Shaman 1 Shaman 2 Shaman 3 Shaman 4 Shaman 5




Petroglyph Park - New Mexico

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Painting 1 Painting 2 Painting 3 Painting 4 Painting 5 Painting 5 
Painting 1 Painting 2 Painting 3 Painting 4 Painting 5 Painting 6 




3 Rivers New Mexico

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3 Rivers 1 3 Rivers 2 3 Rivers 3 3 Rivers 4 3 Rivers 5
3 Rivers 1 3 Rivers 2 3 Rivers 3 3 Rivers 4 3 Rivers 5





Hueco Tanks - Texas

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Cross Shield Hat Mask Horned Mask Rainbow Head Mask Red Pair Yellow Smile Mask
Cross Shield Hat Mask Horned Mask Rainbow Mask Red Pair Yellow Mask



about petroglyphs

While not pretending to understand the original intent of these Glyphs, I have painted some of the images, hoping to share some sense of this remarkable space/time to people who will probably never experience them in person.

All of the most ancient stories from the most ancient peoples we know about mention people who were before them.

We have no direct knowledge of these pre-historic peoples, except pictures and symbols carved or painted in stone, and what remains of some structures they erected.

Examples of this kind of record are found scattered all over the world, often in remote or extreme locations as well as in places built carefully by large numbers of people working on the project for generations.

While we cannot decipher much of this imagery, some is fairly clearly understood. There are calendars in several places, marking accurately the passage of time and the movements of the earth, moon and sun. There are groups of images that tell stories - some people today still use them to tell their children the stories of their ancestors. Some images are apparently warnings, indications of territory.

Even the images we don't understand communicate - they express ideas in some less defined way, but still convey information. If we choose to put aside all questions of translation, there is a power to the imagery - aesthetically they communicate regardless of the original meaning. Enjoy mp.


For further information on Newgrange & Knowth visit
A very informative web site about the 4000 to 5000 year old Megalithic Passage Tombs of Meath -Ireland.

Chaco Canyon
National Park Service, Chaco Culture National Historical Park