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I appreciate your interest in my work, and  I would like to encourage you to share with me any perceptions you may have of my paintings and sculptures. Thank you for your time and attention. -mp.


about my work



  I have worked in sculpture, experimented with mask creations, and in recent years have concentrated my efforts on painting. This site shows some of the fruit of these labours.

When viewed as a collection, it could be said that some basic themes concerning human interaction with one another and one's environment run through much of my work.

It could also be said that to a large extent these themes have "found" the artist, rather than the pieces included here being created explicitly to explore them.


It is less my wish to use these works as any kind of statement than it is to, by sharing my perceptions, continue the interaction and allow you the viewer to interpret them as you see fit.



about mp gollon



onlymp I have been drawing & painting as long as I remember.

After attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, I went on an extended wander, living in Brussels, Amsterdam & London.

I'm now settled in Dublin balancing life on this lush island with regular journeys to the arid atmosphere of New Mexico.








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